Dofware for automation

DOFWARE applies the deep knowledge concerning complex system simulation and verification to mechanic, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and control fields.

DOFWARE expertise can be applied to a wide variety of industrial fields, such as: food industry; energy industry; oil&gas; utility; more in general, all industrial sectors requiring a strong automation. Provided methodologies allow to evaluate and improve new product/plant efficiency and safety. DOFWARE helps Customer to implement production line models, to create virtual and/or real test platforms and to develop design and test integrated environments for all the R&D activities.

Furthermore, DOFWARE is able to model a wide range of industrial equipment accurately, by exploiting multiphysical modelling expertise. Virtual models are then used by Customers for improving existing products and/or conceiving new ones.

Among the main services provided by DOFWARE we cite:

  • Pre-design feasibility studies and gap-analysis;
  • Software identification and supply for plant design and monitoring;
  • Turn-key projects and co-design activities;
  • Mathematical models analysis and development able to evaluate and optimize product/plant functioning;
  • Multiphysical modelling for predictive estimation able to decrease production times and to optimize plant maintenance;
  • Control code automated generation according to Model-Based Design paradigm;
  • 3D virtual model implementation for techincal personnel training.