Announcing Dymola 2017

Announcing Dymola 2017

We are delighted to announce that Dymola 2017 has been released! The key highlights are:

  • Modeling and simulation

Further enhanced search and diagram component filtering capabilities make model navigation easier, especially for large and complex systems.

Built-in support for model version management is compatible with GIT, as well as CVS and SVN.Dymola can also make a direct checkout from GitHub.

Simulation results are easier to analyze with a new interactive measurement cursor which allow easy inspection of multiple result points.

  • Functional Mockup Interface

Performance of parallel execution of multiple FMU:s has been improved, supporting larger and more complex models.

FMI Kit for Simulink offers license-free import and export of FMU:s in the Simulink environment, which facilitates deployment of FMU:s to many users.

  • Major new Modelica libraries

Electrified Powertrains Library supports the entire design process comprising analysis of configurations, controller design, thermal design and energy management.

HVAC Library designed for optimization of thermo-hydraulic systems used in building heating and cooling.