Dymola 2016 is now Available!

Dymola 2016 is now Available!

Dofware is pleased to announce the official release of Dymola 2016!

It includes the following new features:
Functional Mockup Interface

  • Simulink FMU import by means of Dymola Simulink interface;
  • Simulink FMU export on 1.0 and 2.0 FMI formats.

Modelling and Simulation

  • Introduction of tabs and simplified paths for accessing models and browsing classes;
  • Drag&Drop inside the Package Browser for a simple organization of model libraries;
  • New Human Comfort Library for simulating comfort feeling inside closed environment such as cabins, buildings, cockpits, …

Post-processing and Graphics

  • Insertion of plots with more vertical axes for a greater simulation result readibility;
  • Means for plotting variable dependencies for making debug and result understanding simpler.

How to get Dymola 2016
Dymola users having an active maintenance contract can download the new Dymola 2016 version by emailing the request for the link at dymola.support@dofware.com. If you are not a Dofware Customer yet, please contact us at info@dofware.com.