Silver and TestWeaver (QTronic) 3.1.6 Versions are now Available!

Silver and TestWeaver (QTronic) 3.1.6 Versions are now Available!

Dofware is pleased to announce the Silver and TestWeaver new versions released by QTronic.
Silver 3.1.6 release notes:

  • Fixed bug in exporting of Silver variables as Python SUT interface;
  •  A2LConvert.exe:
    • Now allows setting of XCP port number inside the a2l file;
    • Massive speed improvements;
    • Fixed access violation if parameters are decorated.

  • ChipSim:
    • Improving messages of the ChipSim-generated Sfunctions issues;
    • Parameter names in Sfunctions;
    • Fixed a number of correctness bugs;
    • Fixed periodic tasks when simulation timer does not tick exactly as expected by the task;
    • Fixed Sfunctions tasks executed erroneously with triggered subsystem;
    • Fixed Bindoc of Tricore parsing A2l;
  • Several small improvements and other bugs fixed, e.g.:
    • Fixed DllReader reading bitfields;
    • Fixed SBS Scheduler task priority handling;
    • Fixed parsing dcm files;
    • Fixed delay-function for Modifier module and Assignment widget;
    • Fixed GUI: Label widget can’t show 32 bit binary values and small plotter issues.

TestWeaver 3.1.6 release notes:

  • Performance improvements in the Python instrumentation;
  • The Parallel and the ParallelRace generators from qtronic.util.scheduler support now also cascading generators, i.e. generators that return other generators – they are executed recursively;
  • The command line options support starting several experiments in batch mode;
  • Beside the $SCRIPT configuration variable, bound to the current scripting file in the scripting SUT configuration, you can now also use the $SCRIPT_NAME variable – this is bound to the file name without the file extension;
  • The default measurements splitting time has been reduced to 60 seconds (was 240 seconds before);
  • The length of the scenarios imported from a test database is not extended anymore to the scenario length used for generation, unless the database scenarios are allowed to be used as seeds for generation – this allows an easier assessment of the regression tests. The Focus section of the experiment specification contains now an extra flag that can enable or disable the usage of the database scenarios as seeds;
  • The export of scenarios to a test database has been improved to avoid certain classes of redundant or potentially conflicting scenarios;
  • Other bug fixes and small improvements: improved SUT configuration check, improved messages for fatal severity errors, and others.