Discover 3DEXPERIENCE®, discover innovation


3DEXPERIENCE® is the solution that Dofware proposes to include and manage all aspects of your business in a single, flexible and shareable environment, from concept to management of products and services using the virtual experience.

It is an all-in-one package that allows you to create innovation and keep the entire life cycle of the product under control, from idea to implementation and maintenance, connecting know-how and all the players involved in the process with ease and fluidity.


Everything you need in one collaborative environment

All the resources and functionalities you need are integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform: for design and engineering, for product modeling, for simulation and data analysis with virtual twins, for manufacturing and production and for everything related to data governance and process management.

3DEXPERIENCE® connects people, ideas and data in real time, reducing the errors, costs and risks of non-integrated document management. Forget the problems related to the identification and sharing of different versions of files, the difficulties of importing files into different applications, the manual exchange of information: with the integrated environment of 3DEXPERIENCE® all actors will have access to documents and data updated to carry out the work with fluidity.

You can customize the platform according to your needs: you will have access to a complete catalog of tools and services, On-Premise or On-Cloud, from which to select the products that meet the needs of your business, with maximum flexibility.

 Sharing and participation thanks to a connected system

Thanks to 3DEXPERIENCE® there will be no more waste of time and resources due to bad communication between the different work groups or misunderstandings with suppliers and customers: all the actors involved (designers, suppliers, sales, customers …) will be able to participate in the project, share information and ideas, be aligned on progress and any changes, also through the use of social and collaborative applications integrated into the platform.

The configuration of the credentials allows all the figures involved, from the R&D team to the consumer, to interact and exchange information within the limits of their functions.

The evolution of your business model

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform also acts as a marketplace, or trading platform, which connects suppliers with customers interested in purchasing services, eliminating intermediaries between sellers and buyers.

The innovation of the virtual experience

With 3DEXPERIENCE® it is possible to try a product or service before actual production thanks to the virtual experience.

All participants can view and test the product during any phase, contributing to the definition of the final product, reducing the number of redesigns.

The virtual twin can be immediately shared with the customer, before the construction of the physical product, to maximize their involvement already in the design phase and to test the experiences before the launch on the market

Furthermore, the virtual product can be used for the maintenance of the real product, to produce data and knowledge, to monitor the operation and the impacts of any changes. Find out more, trust Dofware.

 Create the Virtual Twin of your product to improve the sales, maintenance and design experience: download our Brochure  for more information on the tools offered by Dofware.