DYMOLA is distributed in Italy by DOFWARE. It is the reference software platform for dynamic systems model-based and multi domain simulation. It is built through Modelica® open source programming language.

DYMOLA supplies an interactive graphical environment with customizable libraries, which can be further expanded for specialized purposes. With DYMOLA, thanks to its revolutionary symbolic-numerical mixed solver, it is possible to quickly simulate all the complex interactions between many different engineering fields: mechanics, electrical, thermodynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermal and control systems. DYMOLA allows its users to build integrated models, achieving more reliable and detailed depiction of the real system.

Flexible, Open Environment

Thanks to the open source programming language Modelica®, users are free to build their own model libraries in DYMOLA, or to modify the already existing ones, to answer to specific modeling and simulation requirements. DYMOLA adaptability makes it an extremely versatile tool, ideal to model and simulate new projects and technologies.