DOFWARE provides on-site and on-line training courses for both newbies and expert users concerning Dymola and different kind of tools based on Modelica Language.

Introduction to Dymola

The course is for people without any previous experience with Dymola. The target is to introduce the person into the Dymola framework, by showing him how to build basic models, perform simulations and analyze results. The main subjects are:

  • Dymola and Modelica overview
  • Modelling in Dymola environment
  • Modelica Standard Library
  • Simulation Setup and Result Analysis
  • Model Linearization
  • Dymola scripting language
  • Animations
  • Dymola-Simulink Interface

Introduction to Modelica

The course is for people without any previous experience with Modelica modeling. A basic experience with Dymola environment is required. The target is to teach the Modelica modeling language and how to implement a model with Modelica: a lot of practical examples are provided. The main subjects are:

  • Modelica language basic concepts
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Models implementation in Modelica
  • Modelica basic syntax
  • Modelica Operators
  • Equations and Algorithms
  • Discrete equations

Modelica Advanced Course

The course if for people having a previous experience with Modelica language and Dymola environment. Most advanced features will be taught concerning Modelica language. The main subjects are:

  • Functions
  • External functions
  • Physic modeling
  • Replaceable components and classes
  • Bus signal structures
  • Instances and events
  • Annotations
  • Model structure optimization

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