Belts Library

The Belts Library allows static and dynamic analysis of belt drive systems. Belt drives are assumed as planar systems. The most important elements of the model Library can be listed as:

  • Belt pulleys with fixed axis and specified rotation.
  • Belt spans as idealized spring/damper elements (Kelvin-Voigt model).
  • Belt spans capable of transversal vibrations.
  • Belt pulleys whose axis of rotation is connected to a frame from the MultiBody Library.

The Belts Library includes components like levers, endings, wraps, contact models, functions for belt calculations and interfaces for belt drive components. Adapted advanced animation components make it easier to understand the dynamic behavior of the model. Visualizers for 2 and 3-dimensional visual objects are used for animation of the belt drive. Many examples are delivered to explain the usage of the Belts Library. A User’s Guide completes the package.