Hydronics Library

For hydraulic circuits, modern heat supply networks and similar applications, it is essential to know and to optimize heat exchangers, in terms of mechanical strains and thermal performances. The Hydronics Library is a modern and flexible tool, which allows to easily optimize user’s applications.

The Library allows to perform both static and dynamic simulations. The former allow a quick performance or pressure loss evaluation, while the latter allows pumps and valves control optimization. Hydronics Library includes the following components:

  • Pumps (with constant or variable RPM)
  • Valves
  • Heat exchangers (air-fluid, fluid-fluid)
  • Pipes, bends, L-pipes, T-junctions (insulated, not-insulated, adiabatic)
  • Orifices
  • Different media (fluids)

This Library enables precise simulation of complex hydraulic systems. More than 100 sub-components may be managed inside the same system.


Figure above shows a cooling circuit model, where two different air fluxes are cooled in two different heat exchangers. Two control valves manage the cooling media flow rate, depending on the system requirements. Simulation output includes all model variables as temperature, pressure and flux variables (as heat fluxes or electrical demand).