Powertrain Library

The Powertrain Library is an add-on for performance forecast, fuel savings and vehicle maneuverability. It contains both basic and advanced components, allowing to perform dynamic analysis for automatic drive transitions, or to easily model cinematic chains. The Library contains a complete set of powertrain components: for instance, a wide selection of different transmissions allows to model an engine as a monodimensional mechanical system. It’s even possible to include Multibody components, like for instance a spur gear differential moving on his own assembly. The Library is based on VehicleInterfaces components: thus, it is really easy to join different subsystems creating a complete model for the whole vehicle. This allows the user to perform feasibility studies in a quick and very efficient fashion, by comparing different transmissions. PowerTrain Library has been studied especially for real-time HIL simulations. Among other components, this Library contains epicycloidal and differential step-down gears, Ravigneaux, Lepelletier and Simpson-type gears, continuously variable transmission (CVT), clutches, driver models, vehicle drag coefficients, control units.