Vehicle Dynamics Library

VehicleDynamics Library has been designed for dynamic vehicle behavior simulation. Using simple drag-and-drops or templates, a vehicle can be modeled so its maneuverability can be examined.

The Library is available in different versions, according to the complexity level needed. For instance, in its basic version, suspension systems are modeled by look-up tables describing their features, while in the most advanced version the same suspensions are modeled as multibody systems and can also include non-linear brushes, according to requirements. The Library, among other components, contains pneumatics, driver models, metal struts, Wishbone and anti-rolling suspension, together with complete forward and backward suspensions as MacPherson, double Wishbone and Multilink. A set of default frames are available, to simulate i.e. a sedan or a Formula 3 racecar.

Library also include a powerful tool to build a 3D road, and many benchmarks allowing to simulate the behavior of suspensions and the whole vehicle in a number of different scenarios. Thanks to the high flexibility of this Library, it is possible to connect its components with models relative to controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, transmission and electric system. This allows to study the whole cycle in a single simulation environment. As all others Dymola libraries, Vehicle Dynamics is written in Modelica open-source programming language, a very flexible tool for the expert users. The various pre-existent models and the graphical modeling environment helps new users as well, making them able to learn quickly.