Silver ( is used by software developers for integrating and testing system modules by means of simulations in Windows framework. Silver runs on a standard Windows PC and supports two set-ups:

  • Co-Simulation: a single Silver instance can test several system components (mainly control software and physical plant simulation models built in Dymola, Simulink, …) with the software-in-the-loop (SIL) approach. This is how the system behaviour can be verified and validated before building physical prototypes;
  • Rapid Prototyping: control functions and plant models running on Silver can be joint via CAN to real control units with the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) approach for testing the interaction between the real control unit and the virtual physical system.

Software and plant control models can be loaded directly from development environment such as MATLAB® / Simulink®, Real-Time Workshop, TargetLink®, ASCET®, Dymola®, SimulationX®, SIMPACK®, AMESim®, C / C++, Python, etc.

At the present Silver is used for developing software in the automotive by Mercedes-Benz, AMG, IAV, Continental, …. Among its advantages we cite the integrated support for several automotive quality standards such as ASAP2/A2L, CAN, FMI, MDF, XCP and ISO 26262.

For making an in-depth analysis, look at the screencast and contact us in order to arrange a live demonstration of the tool:

  • Start Silver and run simulation;
  • Use the breakpoint widget to detect a fault condition;
  • Clear project and add modules;
  • Create widgets;
  • Run created projects;
  • Build a dll module with Simbuild;
  • Instrument a simulation for automatic test with TestWeaver;
  • Create a TestWeaver experiment for Silver;
  • Edit coverage report;
  • Generate scenarios, record and replay.