TestWeaver (http://www.qtronic.de/en/weaver.html) creates, handles and evaluates thousands of automated tests for any kind of control software. Every test is made by an variable in time input impulse sequence which is run by means of simulations automatically. TestWeaver builds tests in a reactive and informed way, learning the system behaviour from the simulation results, in order to increase the software coverage and to make worse sub-optimal scenarios actively, until a bug or a design deficiency is found. Furthermore, TestWeaver supports also the standard automated test methodologies based on:

  • Interactive recording and scenario reproduction;
  • user-defined test script integration (i.e. based on Python).

TestWeaver supports development and simulation frameworks such as MATLAB® / Simulink®, C / C++, IDEs such as Visual Studi®o, Dymola®, AMESim® and Silver®, and hardware-in-the-loop simulation platforms.

For making an in-depth analysis, look at the screencast and contact us in order to arrange a live demonstration of the tool:

  • The chess principle;
  • How TestWeaver works;
  • Test generation;
  • Search strategy;
  • Summary;
  • TestWeaver in 4 steps;
  • Build a model;
  • Add instruments;
  • Configure and run experiment;
  • Inspect results.