Verifysoft Technology is a private company based in Offenburg, Germany. It was founded in 2003 from an investor group specialized in the testing software.

Verifysoft Technology has always been involved in providing to Customer a technology able to improve and increase developed software productivity and to make its maintenance more efficient. This approach has been always appreciated to the point that the methodologies proposed are now used by hundreds of Customers worldwide (European Community, Australia, United States, Mexico, Brasil, South Corea, Singapore and China).

Since 2003 Verifysoft Technology is the only supplier for Testwell Finnish company of the following tools:

Since July 2013 Verifysoft Technology has acquired the rights for the intellectual property of Testwell tools.

Test Coverage Analyser Tools CTC++ ==> link

Code Complexity Measurement Tools CMT++/CMTJava ==> link


C++ Test Aider CTA++ ==> link

test aider