CFD simulations were born in the aeronautical domain, where they were used firstly for studying wing profiles and in general for finding the best geometries able to increase the aerodynamic efficiency. In the last 20-30 years the application fields have been enlarged, and at present CFD is applied to study several kinds of technologies and processes completely different one from the others.

DOFWARE is able to help Customers in performing CFD simulations for product optimization and performance improvement over a wide range of applications, that is:

  • process plants where phenomena like flow incompressibility, flow compressibility, heat exchange, combustion and mixing typically arise;
  • automotive and aerospace domains, where both external and internal aerodynamics are aimed at shape optimization, drag reduction, consumption reduction and grip improvement to the ground in presence of wet phases;
  • food & beverage sector, where the improvements of the final product quality and of the production efficiency are persisting targets;
  • white goods field, where the interaction among different tools is often required;
  • HVAC and conditioning systems, for the optimization of the machinery design and for the setup of ventilation system based on building features;
  • environment and hydraulics, where the CFD meshless techniques help a lot in studying possible scenarios and prediciting indesirable phenomena;
  • pharmaceutical sector, where co-simulations are increasing which couple the study of the discrete and continuum mechanics.