Company Profile

The mission of DOWFARE is strengthening its role of reference partner by helping Customer achieving its business targets. The strategy DOFWARE is pursuing consists of selecting and suggesting the best  technological solutions coupled with the best known methodologies for company practice improvement.


The company is based in Turin, Italy, and thanks to its area managers is able to offer services worldwide. DOFWARE provides support for the entire product design-in process, representing an efficient and reliable partner for the complete product development cycle, that is, design, simulation and production.

Strong skills acquired in the academic world and applied in multi-physic and fluid-dynamic simulation fields and in multi-disciplinary R&D activities enables DOFWARE to provide focused consultancy services. The already strong binomial of specialized tools coupled with strong expertise of personnel is further strengthened by the collaboration with international partners such as Dassault Systèmes™ and Verifysoft™ .

Design-in, turn-key projects and consultancy services provided at Customer factories are the core business of DOFWARE, mainly focused on industrial design and both public and private R&D sectors.