The generation of product documentation is expensive and could become even more time consuming due to the high risk of making errors and to the corresponding need of continuous revisions. Furthermore the already created documentation is often neither reusable or modifiable when the product is changed.

3DVIA Composer is born for giving companies the ability to generate and modify product documentation in an automated way. 3DVIA Composer makes extremely simple and efficient the generation, correction and distribution of documentation even via web, by speeding up the entire product development process and by assuring the absolute accuracy of the documents.

Before 3DVIA Composer was introduced, the entire documentation had to be rielaborated when the product changed, with corresponding time and cost increasing. Thanks to 3DVIA Composer, companies are able to automate the documentation production quickly and simply, by operating in parallel to the product design. Based on an open and light XML architecture, 3DVIA Composer has a simple and intuitive user interface: even users having less CAD expertise are able to create 2D and 3D images, documentations and animations by gaining digital information about product directly. 3DVIA Composer enables to elaborate technical drawings and documentation by assuring always the accordance with design geometries and specifications automatically.

Examples of what 3DVIA Composer is able to do:

  • Assembly instructions;
  • Maintenance guides;
  • Customer service;
  • User guides;
  • Web-based catalogues and brochure;
  • Tutorial guides.

3DVIA Composer makes you able to:

  • avoid costs related to errors and modifications: 3DVIA Composer updates the entire documentation automatically by using data related to the design directly;
  • decrease new product time-to-market;
  • use several different 3D CAD source formats;
  • allow a string interaction between technical offices and all the company sections involved in the generation of documentation;
  • elaborate the graphical part of the documents quickly;
  • respect the environment by reducing the paper consumption thanks to the usage of interactive supports;
  • increasing quality and productivity by more than 30%.