Catia System

CATIA-Systems-ArchitectureCatia System is a concurrent engineering integrated platform devoted to the model-based development of complex systems. Its approach allows to anticipate test and validation stages, speeding up design and decreasing time-to-market.

A complex product is made by a lot of systems and sub-systems deeply interconnected. Complex product system engineering is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and iterative process by its nature. The typical approach is to represent system architecture by mathematical and numerical models for performing simulations. Models are usually made up by means of tools that are able to interact one with the others very rarely. Then handling the entire system in an integrated way and simulating its complete behavior become difficult.

Catia System of Dassault Systèmes enables complex product and system functional decomposition in an extremely simple way, assuring the requirement compliance during the entire product development life cycle. A completely integrated framework is provided for defining, modeling and simulating system architecture within an open platform that can be extended easily. This is an exclusive support to system engineering concepts. Actually Catia System supports system engineering with a wide choice of models enabling to define and handle relationships among requirements, system functional architecture, and physical and logical representations of the architecture of given products or product platforms.