Dymola, advantages and features

The following are the main advantages that can be obtained with Dymola – Modelica:

» Multi engineering. A vast selection of model libraries allow multi-field, trustworthy modeling of complex integrated engineering systems.
» Intuitive modeling.
» Modelica. Advanced, formally defined object-oriented modeling language.
» Model Open libraries. Users can easily build their own components, or adapt the already existing ones according to their need.
» Reusable models. Non-causal, equation-based models allow to use the same component in different backgrounds, and the same model in different studies.
» Symbolic manipulation. Dymola prevents the user from having to convert equations into assignment statement, or into block diagrams. Simulations are more efficient and reliable.
» Hardware-in-the-loop simulations (HILS). Real-time simulation with dSPACE and xPC.
» Simulink Interface.
»Animation. 3D real-time animation, CAD files import capability.