The Fluid Power library, developed by Claytex, allows users to model and simulate hydraulic systems for the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors; application examples are found in braking systems, actuation systems, transmissions, etc.

It provides ready-to-use components to rapidly design the system and simulate its behaviour since the beginning of the design activities. It also allows easy interfacing both with models from the other Claytex libraries and with those from the Modelica Standard Library: this for modelling, for example, the motion of pistons in cylinders, motors and rotational actuators, thermal effects, etc. It also comes with the definition of the physical properties of different hydraulic fluids, but it also supports the creation of new ones by providing a set of characteristic parameters.

The component models use ISO1219 compliant icons so that models faithfully reproduce the graphical characteristics found in hydraulic diagrams. This way, users can simply concentrate on building the circuit model to be simulated without worrying about the underlying equations.