The Modelica ProcessingLine library, developed by DOFWARE, provides a solution to bring your processing line in the virtual world of modeling and simulation. This library gives you a complete set of machinery components to model materials processing and handling with the aim of determining the whole plant electrical consumption.

The library can be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and mining sectors.

Main features:

  • Wide applicability and easy scalability (from single phenomena to entire machines modelling);
  • Ready-to-use and/or customizable models according to the users needs, with particular focus on:
  • Material handling: scew conveyor, bucket elevator;
  • Material processing: shredder machine, grinding machine;
  • AC and DC electric motors.
  • Components characterised by animated icons for increasing the simulated process comprehension;
  • FMI standard support by having FMU-exportable components;
  • Models are completely parametrised, i.e. different types of processing materials can be defined without the need for modifications in the machinery models;
  • Full support to all physical plant lifecycle:
  • Design: test different plant configurations for choosing the best solution;
  • Production planning: predictive analyses of energy consumption for better supporting production planning activities;
  • Plant monitoring: the digital plant, given the data coming from the real plant (e.g. through an IOT platform), can simulate and highlight potential issues in advance (predictive maintenance).

The video below shows an overview of the library components:

The video below shows a simple example of a processing line combining a screw-conveyor, a shredder machine and another screw-conveyor, each one with the corresponding electric motors.

The ProcessingLine library was created as part of the  HOME project (Hierarchical Open Manufacturing Europe), co-funded by the Piedmont region. Within the scope of the project, our library aimed at estimating the energy consumption of a processing plant for agricultural application.

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