The open-source VehicleInterfaces library is developed with the collaboration of different libraries developers belonging to the automotive field (Claytex, Dassault Systèmes, DLR, Modelon) and orchestrated by the Modelica Association.

The main purpose of the library is promoting compatibility between Modelica libraries in the automotive field by defining a common modelling standard with multiple levels of detail that span from the sub-systems to the entire vehicle.

Features and typical uses:

  • Flexibility and easiness due to configurable template models.
  • Mechanical transmissions and vehicle structure modelled with 1D and 3D elements from MSL (Modelica.Mechanics).
  • Providing subsystems models for:
  • braking system;
  • chassis;
  • transmission system;
  • engine system;
  • driver models;
  • roads and ambient conditions.
  • Used in the automotive field as base for developing more detailed libraries.