The Vehicle System Modeling and Analysis (VeSyMA) library, developed by Claytex, represents the basis of the VeSyMA suite, which provides a solution for modelling various aspects in the automotive sector, from individual systems to the performance of the entire vehicle.

Thanks to its flexibility and modular approach, the individual components can be connected with models of control logics, hydraulic models, pneumatic models, etc. This allows users to study the entire vehicle in a single simulation environment. The potential offered by the VeSyMa base library can be extended with the other libraries the VeSyMa suite is made of; their focus is managing other aspects of the automotive domain with greater detail. Examples are:


  • Use of templates and standard architectures for facilitating the variation of the level of detail of each subsystem.
  • Vehicle base structure provided in terms of templates identifying thematic components (engine, transmission, brakes, etc.).
  • Ability to replace each component with variants that perform similar tasks.
  • Use of standard connectors from the Modelica Standard Library (MSL) for easy integration with third-party Modelica libraries.
  • Perfect compatibility with components based on the VehicleInterfaces library.
  • Ability to create experiments from standard templates in order to test vehicle models.