The VeSyMA suite includes the VeSyMA – Suspensions library, developed by Claytex, whose focus is on suspension modelling in order to analyse the dynamic performance of a vehicle.


  • Possibility to model suspensions as MultiBody components or through look-up tables with position and rotation data.
  • MultiBody cases can use ideal joints or include bushings and flexible bodies.
  • Wide range of model test examples:
  • road simulations: presence of different driving models and different types of roads;
  • test rig simulations: static and dynamic tests.
  • Possibility of real-time simulations.
  • Use of standard templates and layouts that facilitate the variation of the level of detail of each subsystem.
  • Replacement of the corresponding implementations in the basic VeSyMA library.
  • Different ready-to-use layouts are available (MacPherson, double wishbone, multi-link, etc.).
  • Easy-to-create custom suspension systems maintaining the same basic layout in order to facilitate the integration.
  • Detailed modelling of the forces acting on the wheel and tyre.
  • Possibility of integration with the tire models from the commercial library FTire (Dassault Systèmes), which allow a non-linear 3D modeling of the tyre’s physics.