The VeSyMA suite includes the VeSyMA – Powertrain library, also called Powetrain Dynamics, the Modelica library for modeling rotational multibody systems, such as those found inside automotive engines.

This library has been designed to provide cost-effective modeling methodology and achieve efficient simulations of these complex systems. All components are animated to improve understanding of system dynamics. The library uses standard Modelica connectors and is compatible with all other Automotive libraries available for Dymola.

The models support the entire design cycle using simple 1D representations that easily evolve into MultiBody models for detailed analysis, and the animations help understand the dynamics of the system.

VeSyMA – Powertrain includes models for shafts, bearings, gear meshes, flexible joints and complex assemblies such as epicyclic and differential models, along with the associated mounting systems. It has been developed for modelling automotive transmissions and drivelines but can be applied to any powertrain system.

One of the key application areas for the PTDynamics Library is to model driveability. Using the Library we can capture the full motion of the powertrain systems on their mounting systems to understand the vehicle response.

Frame models suitable for straight testing are included within the library. Models include chassis, tire slip and simple suspension so that the vehicle can move in three dimensions and bounce on acceleration. To capture the more complex interactions with suspension, this library can be used in conjunction with the VeSyMA Suspension library.

VESYMA_Powertrain (140 download)

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