The Vehicle System Modeling and Analysis (VeSyMA) library is the basis of the VeSyMA suite, which specializes in suspensions (VeSyMA – Suspension), thrusters (VeSyMA – Powertrain) and engines (VeSyMA – Engines).

The Vehicle System Modeling and Analysis library is designed for simulating the dynamic behavior of vehicles and provides the essential models to predict their main performance based on a system-level definition including propulsion, transmission and thermal, hybrid or electric transmission , based on existing or user-defined standard driving cycles.

Thanks to the flexibility and modular approach to vehicle modeling it is possible to connect its components with models related to controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, transmission and electrical system. This allows you to study the entire vehicle in a single simulation environment.

Like all other Dymola libraries, VeSyMA is based on the Modelica modeling language, which is open-source and therefore offers experienced users total flexibility in defining their own models and experiments.

VESYMA_Vehicle Systems Modeling and Analysis Library (92 download)

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