TransAT Suite is a software platform for performing CFD simulations that can be used both in industrial and academic fields. TransAT Suite implements an extremely flexible and adaptable meshing procedure, which is able to use both Multi-Block Body-Fitted Cartesian (BFC) meshes and the so-called Immersed Surface Technology (IST) joint with Block Mesh Refinement (BMR) technique.


TransAT HPC is focused on complex aerodynamic simulations, where flow separation and transient phenomena are dominant. Fast pre-processing procedures and the adoption of accurate turbulence models make feasible the simulation of this kind of flows, otherwise very heavy and time-consuming to be analyzed.


TransAT Multiphysics© is devoted to 3D multi-physical and multi-component simulations, typically required in specialized fields. It allows to treat conductive, convective and radiative thermal phenomena, reactive flows, non-newtonian fluids, settling phenomena, hydrate and wax formation, etc.


TransAT Multiphase© is strictly related to the treatment of multiphase flows, where even complex heat and mass transfers have to be modeled (e.g. phase change). Ad-hoc schemes and models are implemented for enabling the simulation of a wide range of fluids.


TransAT Spill is based on the so-called “plume” model, with the aim of evaluating environmental risk and emergency strategy in case of oil spill in underwater extraction sites. Appropriate techniques are implemented which enable coupled oil and gas losses tracking: they combine standard “plume” approach with a far-field standard lagrangian tracking.