The Qualification Kit for security standards ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN-50128 and DO-178C enables verification and certification the right application of Testwell CTC ++ in terms of test and validation standards used inside the company. The Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++ gives documentation, test cases and practices useful for certifying projects/products sensitive in terms of security standards.

Embedded system certification is made simpler. The user will be able to modify the inside products according to its needs. The Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC ++ is in compliance with ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN-50128 and DO-178C standards. In the following the list of modules included in the kit:

  • Qualification kit user guide;
  • a support tool for certification which drives the user through all the required steps; after this the following documents are generated:
    • Report Classification Tool;
    • Plan / Report Qualification Tool;
    • Security Manual;
    • Test Plan;
  • Automation Unit Tests;
  • Test Case Suite.

At the present Testwell CTC ++ gives all the Customers interested on Qualification Kit a subscription special price.
All the Customers needing more information are asked to contact us.