Testwell CTC++

VerifysoftTestwell CTC++ Test Coverage Analysis for C / C++ is a powerful and simple tool for Code Test Coverage. It highlights code parts already run and tested. Two add-ons improve its functionalities:

  • CTC++ for Java and Android add-on;
  • CTC++ for C# add-on.

Testwell CTC++ enables an all-level code coverage as required in “critical” projects, and is a powerful help for assuring its quality. Testwell CTC++ can be used with any compiler and cross-compiler by means of one standard CTC++ licence.

testwell coverage report

Coverage levels:

  • Statement Coverage;
  • Function Coverage;
  • Decision Coverage / Branch Coverage;
  • Condition Coverage;
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC);
  • Multicondition Coverage (MCC).

Testwell CTC++ can be used for certification in the automotive, aerospace, railway and medical fields. Examples are: FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) DO-178B / DO-178C (all levels) / EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation) ED-12C, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128 and IEC / EN 62304.

Qualification Kit for DO-178C, EN-50128, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262

Verifysoft Technology released “Kit for Certification for CTC++” for quality standards such as DO-178C, EN 50128, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. (For more information).


In-Target Code Coverage: Testwell CTC++ is the ideal tool for measuring code coverage on embedded target platforms and micro-controllers directly. In the followings the main features making CTC++ the only software con embedded world:

  • low overhead of the instrumentation added to native code for micro-controller and embedded platform;
  • it works also with low-resource target;
  • it works with any kind of compiler and cross-compiler.




Testwell CTC++ is simple to be used:

  • source code modification is not needed;
  • usage of already written design makefiles;
  • low overhead and high execution speed;
  • unique “coverage” tool for many development languages such as C, C++, C# and Java.