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Founded in 2009 in Turin, DOFWARE is an innovative SME specialized in engineering services. We are experts in multi-physical modeling and simulation, machine learning and IoT solutions, and we use methodologies such as Model-Based System Engineering for project management, from pre-concept to optimization.

We support our customers in the design and in the implementation of their products and in business optimization. Our solutions are designed to equip even the professionals non expert in numerical simulation with tools that allow them to support and to accelerate innovation.

We help you to overcome the challenges of your company, providing technical solutions for your success.

Our Mission: to Make Modeling and Simulation Available Everywhere.

Our expertise in multi-physical modeling and simulation covers multiple industries and application domains.

The scalability of DOFWARE solutions allows to reproduce and to analyze the detail of a single component, up to entire complex systems.

Our models reproduce the digital twin of the real object or system and can be implemented on different supports depending on the needs and on the complexity (desktop, cloud, embedded, etc.).

Our goal is to prepare and to provide our customers with technological tools that are easy to use and to adopt for their specific needs, applicable at different complexity levels.

Our Method

DOFWARE wants to stand out as a reference technological partner for its customers by helping them to achieve their business targets. To achieve this, DOFWARE selects and proposes the best technological solutions combined with the most recognized approaches to project management and business processes, such as Model-Based System Engineering.

DOFWARE is able to help its customers throughout the design-in activity by covering the entire product development cycle, from design and simulation to production.

The company’s headquarter is in Turin, but DOFWARE operates throughout Italy thanks to a group of area managers distributed across the country.

Solid skills gained in the field of multi-physical simulation, fluid dynamics and multi-disciplinary research and development allow DOFWARE to provide targeted consulting services, with continuous support over time.

Design-in, turnkey project and customer consultancy are the fundamental services that DOFWARE offers, with particular attention to the sectors of industrial design and public and private research.

Our product portfolio, consisting of scalable solutions that can be easily integrated with each other, and the use of open tools and standards such as Modelica, FMI and OpenFOAM allow us to create modern solutions to effectively face the challenges of the future.

The perfect combination of specific tools and high-level skills is ensured by the expertise of DOFWARE technicians and the support of international technology partners.

We are Partner of Dassault Systèmes

behavioral simulation

Since 2010, DOFWARE and Dassault Systèmes have established a partnership for physical and behavioral modeling supported by Dymola, a software based on the Modelica standard.


DOFWARE is a reference partner for the implementation of the MBSE methodology, the approach that allows to design and to manage complex systems, thanks to the support of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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