DOFWARE develops test bench systems for functional validations and for the validation of electronic/mechatronic system components. pxihwIts personnel has a deepen and strenghten experience in the development of customized solutions for the automotive and white good fields. Apart from standard test bench facilities, test bench solutions have been provided which integrate complex mathematical models and are linked to tools enabling requirements tracking and automated report generation.

Test Automation is often applied to product Functional Tests. They typically need a great number of runs, mainly when the requirement covering is needed to be validated at every single design release. The aim is to check that any regression is not grown up after each SW release. In brief Test Automation provides:

  • testing time reduction and a greater effectiveness in the result analyses;
  • a greater accuracy, since human errors are avoided;
  • a lighter approach, since automation allows test activities to be programmed and handled in background;
  • a quick Sanity Check test of the framework just after the release.