DOFWARE is able to help Customers in the product concept and design for what concerns both technological and regulations/quality choices. DOFWARE offers consultancy services for developing new ideas and creating new opportunities by making available its experience and its tools at the cutting-edge of technology:

  • Model Based System Methodology, applied both to activities at Customer facility and to in-house R&D projects;
  • Knowledge of main regulations which new products must pertain to;
  • Numerical Simulations: DOFWARE personnel is able to help Customers in the design stage by performing numerical simulations and automated optimizations. DOFWARE has the experience and the appropriate tools for applying techniques enabling to reach the best final result earlier;
  • Validation and Verification: both hardware and software tools are used which enable to check the correctness and quality of the products, according to the Customer certification and safety requirements;
  • Communication and Training: the same tools used for R&D are then modified and applied to build interactive and virtual moke-ups useful for training technical personnel and at the meantime for tech sales demonstrations.

Dofware Servizi