Reqtify is a tool enabling the requirements tracking and the impact analysis over the entire development cycle both about applications (ALM) and products (PLM). Furthermore it is able to write documentation automatically.

How does Reqtify work?

Reqtify extracts all the design requirements both from filesystems and database based on the user infrastructure. It joins them to technical specifications, design documents, implementation codes/models and test cases, by following the development process accurately and by maintaining a strong correspondence among all the modifications performed in itinere. The company is helped during the entire development process, being able to satisfy the compliance to several different standards easely, such as ISO61508, ISO26262, Spice, DO178C, DO254, FDA, GAMP, CMMI, etc.

To which tools can Reqtify communicate?

Integrating Reqtify in the development process is absolutely simple. It can interconnect with more than 60 tools concerning system engineering, such as Enovia, DOORS, Excel, CVS, Bugzilla, Access, HTML, PDF, Word, Open Office, SVN, PowerPoint, Synergy, Visio, PVCS, source codes, Control Build. Furthermore it is ad-hoc customizable, depending on the needs of the company, in order to build new interfaces and new formats.

Which are the main pros of Reqtify?

  • requirements handling of whatever kind;
  • user-friendly and intuitive, it keeps requirements even from Word and/or PDF documents;
  • covering and traceability analysis;
  • automatic handling of requirement variations and information about design and product life cycle;
  • impact analysis before and beyond regression risks handling;
  • template-based reports generation, which are immediately useful to the “quality” authority for getting certifications such as ISO26262, DO178C, etc…