DYMOLA is distributed in Italy by DOFWARE. It is the reference software platform for dynamic systems model-based and multi domain simulation. It is built through Modelica® open source programming language.

DYMOLA provides an interactive graphical environment with customizable libraries and can be extended for specialized purposes. Thanks to the new and revolutionary symbolic-numerical mixed solver it will be possible to quickly simulate complex interactions between systems in many engineering fields. DYMOLA therefore allows its users to build integrated models and obtain results from the simulation that represent the real system (Digital Twin) in a more correct and detailed way.

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Dymola offers unique multi-engineering capabilities thanks to which it is possible to create models with a large variety of components belonging to different fields of engineering. In this way, the models of the systems are complete and faithfully reproduce reality.
There are vast libraries of components for mechanical, electrical, control, thermal, pneumatic, hydraulic, vehicle transmission, thermodynamic, vehicle dynamics, air conditioning systems, etc. Dymola’s multi-engineering capabilities allow you to model and simulate any physical system that can be described by common differential equations and algebraic equations.

Intuitive modeling
Dymola’s graphic editor and multi-engineering libraries simplify the modeling process: the libraries contain elements corresponding to physical devices that must simply be dragged onto the worksheet to build the model, while the interactions between the components are reproduced and described by the connections graphics. This means that the models can be intuitively organized in the same way the real physical system is composed.

Flexible and open environment

The Dymola environment differs from most modeling tools on the market that generally offer a defined and fixed set of models.
Thanks to the open source Modelica® modeling language, an object language for physical modeling developed by the Modelica Association, users are free to create their own model libraries in DYMOLA or modify existing ones to meet specific modeling and simulation needs .
The flexibility of DYMOLA makes it a versatile tool ideal for modeling and simulating new designs and alternative technologies.

Symbolic manipulation
Dymola offers exceptional performance in solving differential algebraic equations (AEDs). High performance and reliability are guaranteed by symbolic manipulation, which also manages algebraic loops and reduced degrees of freedom due to constraints. These techniques, together with special numerical solvers, allow HILS simulations in real time.