DOFWARE provides on-site and on-line training courses, for both newbies and expert users, concerning Dymola® and different kinds of tools based on Modelica standard language.

Introduction to Dymola-Modelica

The course is for people without any previous experience with Dymola/Modelica. The aim is to introduce the person into the Dymola® framework, by showing her/him how to build basic models, to perform simulations and to analyze results. The main topics are:

  • Introduction
  • Physical Modeling Aspects
  • Modelica Language Overview
  • Dymola Environment
  • Graphical User Interface and Base Commands
  • Modeling in Dymola
  • Simulation and Results Post-Processing
  • Script and Built-in Functions
  • Modelica Language
  • Object-Oriented Modeling
  • Class Concept and Its Applications
  • Arrays and Matrices
  • Connectors
  • Equations
  • Algorithms and Functions
  • Discrete Events Modeling
  • Package Concept and Library Building Up
  • External Functions
  • Models Initialization and Related Aspects

Dymola-Modelica Advanced Course

The course is for people having already a basic experience with Modelica language and Dymola® environment. The main topics are:

  • Dymola Extended Features
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Parameters Calibration
  • Models Linearization
  • Models Debugging
  • Customized GUIs Editing
  • Plot3D Library
  • Models Encryption
  • Models Exporting as Executables
  • Dymola and the FMI Standard
  • Dymola Management of Versioning
  • Modelica Standard Library (MSL)
  • Overview
  • Specific In-Depth Analysis of Packages in accordance with Customer needs