DOFWARE Designs On-Demand Hardware and Software Solutions


DOFWARE provides hardware consultancy services and turn-key projects for several different solutions, ranging from measurement instrumentation to automation and control. We have a deep expertise concerning micro-controllers, DSP, FPGA, which we develop ad- hoc firmware for. In the following, some of the platforms mainly managed: ARM® micro-controllers (Atmel®, Texas Instruments®, NXP®, etc.); Texas Instruments® DSP; XILINX® and ALTERA® FPGA; short-range radio systems. 

A few examples of consultancy services we typically provide:

  • Firmware implementation for micro-controllers and DSPs;
  • VHDL development for FPGA;
  • Firmware development for managing graphical interfaces on micro-controller systems with limited hardware resources.

Software – Embedded Linux

DOFWARE has gained a wide experience in the embedded software development on Linux platform. Among the main services we can provide, we cite the followings:

  • ad-hoc Linux distributions porting;
  • application software development for Linux OS;
  • ergonomic implementation of GUIs, based on advanced development frameworks and/or on QT libraries.