Add-on for NI VeriStand® & LabVIEW®

The FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand® and LabView® allows to use, within the National Instruments environment, models developed with modeling tools that are able to export FMUs for Co-Simulation and for Model-Exchange.

The FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand® and LabView® is the right choice for testing and for validating, by means of Hardware in the Loop (HiL), multi-physic models and complex control systems.

Physical models are key components for the development of control systems, since they allow to improve the quality and to reduce to development time. Modeling languages such as Modelica are commonly used to develop accurate physical-numerical models in a wide range of domains, including mechanics, electronics and thermodynamics.

At the following link, you can find the complete list of the tools enabling to encapsulate physical models within FMUs (Functional Mock-up Units) and/or being able to act as FMI server to import and to use third-party FMUs within.

The following videos show how to import and to execute FMU models, that have been built with third-party modeling and simulation tools, into NI VeriStand® and LabVIEW®. In particular, in the videos multi-physic models have been taken into account that were modelled with Dymola®.

Key features:

  • Import and run of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) in NI environments
  • Run of FMUs on Real-Time target
  • Support for FMI for Co-Simulation 1.0
  • Support for FMI for Model Exchange 1.0: fixed-step solvers are included, such as: Explicit Euler, Heun, IV Order Explicit Runge-Kutta IV Order, etc.
  • Support for FMI 2.0 for both Model-Exchange and Co-Simulation

System Requirements:

One of the version from 2011 to 2017 of NI VeriStand® or of the versions from 2013 to 2017 of LabVIEW® with Model Interface Toolkit are required to install FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand & LabVIEW. In addition, the FMI Add-On shares the same compatibilities and requirements of the installed NI VeriStand® and/or of the NI LabVIEW® version.

Real-Time target of the FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand® & LabVIEW® requires Pharlap OS (LVRT) on the host target to be installed.


FMI Add-on for NI VeriStand for HiL Simulation – Proceeding at Modelica Conference 2012

Sito ufficiale dello standard FMI– FMI standard official website

Technical Support:

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