Dofware works for the diffusion of Open-Source Modelica language among the Italian Universities and Research Centers.

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Industrial Equipment & Energy

Dofware modelling expertise applies to mechanics, thermodynamics, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics for supporting Industrial Equipment, Manufacturing and Energy fields.

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Aerospace & Defense

Dofware supports Aerospace & Defense Customers applying complex system simulations to demanding environment.

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Transportation & Mobility

Dofware provides a wide variety of engineering services to numerous Customers ranging from automotive, trucks and railway till motorsport.

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Life Sciences

Dofware supports Customers improving process efficencies and achieving targets compliant to Life Science regulations.

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White Goods

Dofware provides hi-tech skills helping Customers developing devices at the cutting-edge of technology.

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Model Based System Engineering



Tool for requirements handling inside application (ALM) and/or product (PLM) development platforms.

Quality and Certification

Consultancy services according to quality standards certification such as CMMI, ISO26262, DO178–C, 2009/125/CE, ...
Catia System

Catia System**(Dymola)

Concurrent engineering design platform following Dymola based System Engineering paradigm.

Requirement Engineering e SysML

System Engineering methodologies for Requirements Engineering and SysML modelling.


Technology for simulating functional requirements and system testing.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows you to manage the entire product development process, from design to production and operation, in a single, shareable and customizable Cloud environment.

CAE & Simulation



Dymola is a Modelica® based and Model-Based-Design Multidomain Simulation Platform able to develop dynamic systems.
Modelica - modellazione

Modelica - modelling

Turn key projects and consultancy services for Modelica® based lamped modelling as support to design.
Autosar Builder

Autosar Builder

Versatile tool for electronic system and corresponding embedded software development and verification according to AUTOSAR standards in automotive field.

CFD Simulations

CFD training and consultancy services (flow field analysis, shape optimization, ...)


CFD Immersed Boundary Tool developed by Ascomp Gmbh.


DEM and CFD Meshless simulations.


An innovative tool for editing, updating and distributing product documentation.


Product optimization services based on both 0D/3D and reduced order simulations.

Validation & Verification


Testwell CTC++

C, C++, C#, Java and Android Code/Test Coverage software.
Testing automation

Test and Validation

Consultancy services for test and validation activities by means of dedicated methodologies and tools.
FMI Add-On for NI VeriStand

FMI Add-On for NI

NI VeriStand® and LabVIEW® Add-On for FMI models integration in National Instruments® environment.


HW and embedded SW design and development.

Customer Stories

Tetra Pak has always needed to check that its internal processes and working procedures are compliant with Customer requirements before installing a new plant.

This is why Tetra Pak has chosen Dymola, with the aim of optimizing development process efficiency while giving adequate solutions to Customers. Thanks to the Dymola simulation platform, Tetra Pak is able to make the instrumentation more efficient and to reduce product time-to-market, achieving a considerable performance improvement.


Tetra Pak Entrusts to Dymola the Process Optimization

Tetra Pak Entrusts to Dymola the Process Optimization

Engineering and Aeronautical Departments of La Plata National University (UNLP), one of the most eminent Argentinian educational institute, has integrated the learning of main professional software used in the industry inside the educational program. Dassault Systèmes products are the support enabling UNLP to build a new professional engineer generation which will be responsible of new products/services design, test and maintenance.


Universidad de La Plata chooses Dymola and Dassault PLM solutions

Universidad de La Plata chooses Dymola and Dassault PLM solutions

Ceres Power chose Dymola and Abaqus for developing a combined heat-power (CHP) efficient production unit being an alternative to the standard centralized energy generation. Ceres Power used Dassault Systèmes
products for making simulations and evaluations about system performance and design options cost-benefit ratio, without the need of building expensive prototypes. DS PLM solutions helped Ceres Power to reduce risks and to speed up innovation giving a technical and commercial forecast about set-up design and parameter change effects.


Ceres Power has chosen Dymola and Abaqus

Ceres Power has chosen Dymola and Abaqus

Optimation is a Swedish company focused on production process optimization by means of control techniques and dynamic simulations. Its Customers come from several different fields, such as construction sites, power stations, mineral processing and iron and steel industry.

An optimized process control can actively contribute to save energy, improve product quality and increase production. On the other side, not well organized and set-up control systems can cause production costs and inefficiencies. Optimation has adopted Dymola as tool for improving process efficiency and pursuing its mission.


Optimation uses Dymola

Optimation uses Dymola

Dassault Systèmes (DS), a leading worldwide company for 3D solutions and technologies devoted to the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), announced that Solvina, a Swedish technological consultancy company, has chosen the Dymola-based modelling and simulation platform for optimizing control strategy development focused on plant productivity and energy consumption.

“In a Swedish paper factory we reduced consumptions by 20 MWh/day, achieving a global saving of about 500.000 Euro/year”: this is what Veronica Olesen, Solvina design and system engineer, said. In the paper and cellulose industry, the vapour handling optimization assures the highest energy efficiency and the reduction of oil overheating. In this way there is no more need of discharging vapour and pressure levels are almost constant to all vapour consumptions. In order to handle this kind of problems, Solvina has applied Dassault Systèmes Dymola features for identifying and setting-up the optimal control. Consequently plant production and energy consumption have been optimized too.

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Solvina chooses Dymola

Solvina chooses Dymola

BMW has chosen Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA) PLM V6 platform for development the new generation electric, electronic and embedded software (E/E) architecture of its vehicles. The German automotive leading company has adopted the Dassault Systèmes V6 product thanks to its versatile and flexible PLM infrastructure and to the wide range of “out of the box” functionalities it offers for what concerns system engineering.


BMW adopts PLM V6 platform

BMW adopts PLM V6 platform