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DOFWARE offers the best technological solutions thanks to its strong skills in multi-physical and fluid dynamic simulations, in Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) and in various areas of research and development. We provide support throughout the product life-cycle: design, simulation, production, maintenance and optimization.

The MBSE methodology applied to all phases of product development.

Products and systems modeling and multi-physical simulation at your service.

Numerical simulation to analyze complex thermal and fluid dynamic phenomena.

Design of customized hardware and software solutions.

Virtual prototyping to improve design and product optimization.

Requirements definition and constraints identification at all stages of development.

Verification and control tools to meet the customer qualitative needs.

Consulting services, support and customized training.

The Digital Twin for Your Products

Modeling and simulation to design, to optimize and to monitor devices, plants and processes.

Our Products

DOFWARE supplies in Italy software and tools devoted to numerical simulation and multi-domain physical modeling of complex systems, as well as dedicated solutions for the embedded market.

The Customer is supported through the entire cycle of evaluation, testing, acceptance and introduction of products by means of technical training, technical support and consultancy activities.

A single environment with tools, data and processes, to manage the entire product life-cycle.

Model, simulate and validate the dynamic behavior of complex multi-domain systems.

Connect all project requirements, keep baseline up-to-date and perform change impact analysis.

End-to-end validation of embedded systems functional requirements for testing purposes.

An open, flexible and powerful system for developing and for verifying electronic systems and related software according to the AUTOSAR standard.

A complete solution for the development of embedded systems and of control systems for industrial automation.

The main tool to measure Code / Test Coverage for all quality levels, devoted to assure the code highest quality.

Allow to import FMU models into NI VeriStand® and LabVIEW® for co-simulation.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Innovation

All the resources and the features you need,
in a single collaborative environment.


DOFWARE is a leading company in the design of complex systems through the Model-Based System Engineering methodology, in the modeling and in the simulation, in the control analysis and in the optimization across a wide range of application fields.

Aerospace & Defense

Transportation & Mobility

Industrial Equipment

Energy, Power & HVAC

White Goods


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In this video, we show some examples of simulations based on our technologies and methodologies for different applications.

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