DOFWARE is pleased to invite you to the webinar:

Microclimate and Energy Consumption Optimization. New Solutions for the Improvement of HVAC-R Systems. Physical-Mathematical Modeling at the Service of Well-Being. Design, Control and Monitoring of HVAC-R Systems for Vehicles, Data Centers, Buildings, Greenhouses, Clean Rooms.

Climate management systems, the HVAC-R systems, today more than ever must be able to combine environmental comfort, energy efficiency and sustainability.

In recent years, concerns regarding energy efficiency, due to the climate crisis and to the increased cost of energy, have increasingly gone alongside those relating to health and human comfort in enclosed spaces. In order to achieve the targets of efficiency and effectiveness, a different and innovative approach to the development of HVAC-R systems is needed, to be managed as a single intelligent system connected to its environment, with the aid of fast and consistent analyzes.

How to respond effectively?

We will talk about it on Wednesday 27 April at 10.00.

Together with DOFWARE team we will discover new solutions to design and manage environmental control systems efficiently, thanks to the joint use of physical-mathematical models, Real-Time fluid dynamics, Machine Learning and IOT.


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