DOFWARE intends to accompany those interested in an approach to and in-depth study of the world of modeling with Modelica through a sort of stage tour. With a total of 21 stages planned so far, in each of them a specific library is presented by providing the description of its features together with some application examples, all through a video also available on DOFWARE YouTube channel.

Claytex Libraries:

Commercial packages developed by Claytex and distributed by Dassault Systèmes, which represent the basis of the VeSyMA suite, produced by Claytex for the automotive field. In this episode we will show the following 3 packages:

  • Claytex – contains basic components for different application domains;
  • ClaytexFluid – library for modelling thermo-fluid systems;
  • FluidPower – library for modelling hydraulic systems.

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