In recent decades, to address systems increasing complexity and the need for rigorous certification constraints compliance, companies have turned to Requirement Engineering, which progressively became a “best practice” to increase product quality and reduce development times and costs.

However, the adoption of this methodology, based on the identification of requirements, can face several difficulties, like information tracking, due to project data often being scattered in many places, insufficient requirement elicitation, or poor requirement impact analysis. These issues are often found late, when the design is in the advanced stages of verification and validation, producing a high impact on the development costs and time.

DOFWARE proposes REQTIFY, part of the CATIA offer of Dassault Systèmes, as the leading solution for supporting companies in addressing the need for full traceability (both forward and backward) of requirements, as well as for keeping track of the impact that design changes have on them. REQTIFY is an interactive requirement traceability and impact analysis tool that can trace requirements from system, program, and project levels throughout the entire development lifecycle of your software or hardware component.

REQTIFY can interface to requirement-related information in a wide variety of data formats, document types, and file formats. These can include corporate requirement repositories such as IBM-Rational DOORS™, office-type documents (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, etc.), SysML/UML design tools, CAE tools (e.g. Simulink, etc.), code files (e.g. C/C++, Java, etc.), as well as information in standard text formats, such as Html, XML or ReqIF.
REQTIFY was not developed to compete with your existing tools but to help you overcome the connectivity limitations of today’s heterogeneous tool environments.

REQTIFY connects all the information from adopted tools by automatically adding traceability support to your projects without requiring changes to already adopted tools or processes, all with a minimal training overhead.

Plugins extend REQTIFY’s functionalities even by adding support for the verification phase.  Quality standards goals and the development of safety-critical applications increasingly require review throughout the product development lifecycle. Requirements, specifications, design, code, and even processes must be reviewed at each deliverable to prove compliance with standards. In this sense, REQTIFY provides an easy way to organize and control those review activities. Best practices and packages for the ISO26262, DO178B/C, DO254, FDA, and CMMI standards are present for validating your requirements. In addition, you can also add other standards to adapt the tool to your need for specific review activities.

If you want to know more about how REQTIFY can support you in guaranteeing requirements traceability and verification against industry standards, contact us. You can also fill out the request form to download a more detailed overview of the REQTIFY offer.


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