Dassault Systèmes (DS), a global leader in 3D solutions and technologies for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), announced that Solvina, a Swedish technology consultancy company, has chosen modeling and simulation in Dymola to optimize the development of effective control strategies in terms of plant productivity and energy consumption.

In the pulp and paper industry, steam management optimization ensures maximum energy production efficiency and containment of oil overheating, without the need to discharge steam and providing stable pressure levels to all steam users.

To address these challenges, Solvina employed Dassault Systèmes’ Dymola modeling and simulation solution to define the optimal control strategy and configuration, improving production and energy usage in the plant. The solution allows to evaluate and adjust control systems before its implementation thanks to simulation.

“In a project for a Swedish paper mill, we reduced consumption by 20 MWh/day, with savings quantifiable at about 500,000 Euros per year,” says Veronica Olesen, design engineer and systems analyst at Solvina.

Solvina chooses Dymola (1878 downloads )

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